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On Oso Blanco’s son, the court granted visiting privileges to the young man’s paternal grandmother– but not to Oso Blanco, because of his imprisonment. Oso Blanco’s statement will be up momentarily in a separate post.

Gender Anarky members Cat and Amazon are no longer refusing food as of October 25th. The prison responded to the hunger strike and phone call blitz etc with transfers. Amazon was recently transferred to Salinas Valley State prison. See for the info.

Strangely, Leah-Lynn Plante was released from jail very early but Matt and KteeO are still in jail as grand jury resisters and still need support. Mathew “Maddy” Pfeiffer is a new name on the list of grand jury resisters. For the latest, stay tuned to

Thousands of walmart workers stand ready to strike on Black Friday. A few are jumping ahead like wildcats, already striking.


I tweeted about the prisoners held in Rikers who were once again not evacuated despite huge risk of flooding during Hurricane Sandy. Solitary Watch quoted NYC DOC as saying that there was no flooding or power outages. Click the image below for details.

Serious #classwar news to keep an eye on.

Read this for the info:

Walmart’s Black Friday ultimatum


I hope they continue to win organization and unionization, whether  though the narrow u.s. federally recognized channels or through old-school solidarity unionism. This effort can potentially affect a lot of workers at walmart who sorely need the health, safety, working conditions, end to nasty retaliation, and dignity and respect.

It will mean much more if the opportunity is seized to do this strike right–  if others find and bring inspiration,  solidarity strikes, street action, and disruptions along the supply chain. A lot of this is already happening. This is an opportunity for workers and people generally to demonstrate power in unity and build confidence and power against the hoarding of the world by a tiny handful of capitalists. Black Friday is stolen wealth that must be taken back.

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I’m still reaching out to find out how to plug in, agitate, and help the war effort. Let me know if you know something I don’t!

Making Change at Walmart- Find a way to connect locally here-

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