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New Afrikan POW Sundiata Acoli

My last post briefly discussed new york state’s stubborn opposition to parole, and how and why a lot of people, including some freedom fighters, are stuck. new jersey is not too different and I’m sure other u.s. states aren’t either.

All of this can serve our desire to delay, opt out, and/or rationalize not writing the letters and helping prisoners of war and political prisoners when they come up for parole. Especially for anarchists and others who are rightly pessimistic about institutional reform and wanting to concentrate energies on autonomous and anti-state endeavors as much as possible.

If you’re like me and aware of these things, you’ve delayed as much as possible and maybe too long. As much as I’d like to say the letters don’t matter and we can disregard those calls to action with a clean conscience, if you’re like me, you really can’t. The truth is there is a chance it will help. And it’s a chance we can’t afford to pass up.

BPP/BLA PP/POW Robert “Seth” Hayes

Sundiata Acoli , Seth Hayes, and Jalil Muntaqim are all up for parole in June any day now. It may be too late but send your letters in now. I don’t want this to be a do-this-now kind of blog but I gotta blog like that today before I head to the mailbox.

If you’re not familiar with political prisoners, prisoners of war, and related issues, now is a great time to learn about them and possibly help stop states from continuing to make examples of people, at great human cost, to discourage dissent and community action. All three of these men have made sacrifices for the cause of Black Liberation and the cause of humanity and have contributed to the lengthening of chains some of us enjoy out here in minimum custody. Leaving them to struggle alone now would be to turn our backs on the past and the future at our own peril.

Follow this link for information about Sundiata Acoli and his parole hearing and scroll down this one to “Parole Hearing Support” for Seth Hayes and Jalil Muntaqim.

PP/POW Jalil Muntaqim

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