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Byron Chubbuck (aka Oso Blanco) called a close friend and supporter last night (not me) very upset and asking for help. He said a staff person was checking their cell for “extra clothing” and grabbed a sheet of paper laying (out in the open!) of a simple drawing Oso did. He has been trying to establish where various Cherokee memorials/battlefields/landmarks/burial mounds are in relation to his current location – Lee USP. The drawing is of a fenced in burial mound he thought he saw upon his arrival.

Oso and his cellmate were thrown into the “secure housing unit” (SHU) (solitary confinement) for possessing an “escape tool”. Oso says it’s an insane charge.

Oso Blanco

Byron Chubbuck aka Oso Blanco

Oso  is worried that any day now a DHO (disciplinary judge) will come and rule with bias on this bogus “escape tool” charge.  Oso has been in the Special Management Unit (SMU), an extremely restrictive program, for years and was just recently released to USP Lee, a much more agreeable situation as far as prisons go. He is worried they will place him back in the SMU program.

Please take a second to call or email on behalf of Byron Chubbuck #07909051:Phone:  276-546-0150 Fax:  276-546-9115

Please be polite and just let them know you are concerned about Byron Chubbuck #07909051, and that you think he may be in SHU over a drawing that if looked at, has nothing to do with any escape plans or any conspiracy with any cell mate. No need to mention SMU, case history, or politics in my opinion.

Ask for his unit manager Ms. Willis, his counselor Mr. LaLonde, or someone else on Chubbuck’s unit team.

Another way to show support and let the prison know we are watching them is to send Oso a letter or postcard so the prison sees support that way too. Also to let Oso know he’s in your thoughts and he is not alone in there.

Byron Chubbuck #07909051
P.O. BOX 305

From Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

I want to thank you all for calling Florence USP, in Colorado. This unity has motivated Ms McDermott to relent and give me medical attention” -Oso Blanco

Read the rest here! . .

June 12 – June 13,  9am- 5pm, Mountain Time . . . .

Denver Anarchist Black Cross post

Facebook Event

Twitter- #OsoSolidarity

Flyer . . .


(See a more developed version of this text on the Denver Anarchist Black Cross blog)

On the heels of the June 11th international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other longterm anarchist prisoners . . .

June 12 – June 13,  9am- 5pm, Mountain Time . . . .

Call USP Florence-High in Solidarity with Byron Chubbuck a.k.a Oso Blanco!!!

Help a Captive Indigenous Warrior Survive!   Fight Medical Neglect in u.s. Prisons!

Byron Chubbuck a.k.a. Oso Blanco with Leonard Peltier and Tom Manning


People to ask for and speak with if they are available . . .

  • Mr. Charles Daniels, Warden
  • Ms. McDermott, Hospital Administrator
  • Mr. Leggit, Counselor
  • Miss Hopkins
  • “The Lieutenant”

NOTE:  Any of these people may put you on hold indefinitely, hang up on you, talk over you, etc. If nothing else, let someone, even if it’s just the operator, know the reason you are calling.

Sample call talking points . . .

  •  Hello, may I speak to _________? This call is in reference to inmate Byron Chubbuck #07909-051. Byron has a painful, potentially cancerous mass in his liver. He needs an ultrasound to determine the problem, and has been asking for this since he came to Florence in January.
  • He placed a sick call in April.
  • He has high ammonia build up in his liver and experiences daily vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, and irregular breathing.
  • Byron already has a medical record in the BOP concerning liver problems and has never asked for family/friends to help with a medical condition before.
  • I know that HIPAA prevents you from sharing his personal health information (PHI) wtih me– I just want to make sure this is brought to your attention and that you take all actions necessary to ensure Mr. Chubbuck proper medical treatment.
  • I know you have a protocol to follow. Why wasn’t he given a liver biopsy when he placed a sick call in April? How do you evaluate an internal medical condition?
  • Thank you for doing the right thing and getting my friend the medical attention he needs.

Coordinating the effort

  • Post a brief report of how your call went to social media  with this announcement or a link to it! Lead by example! #OsoSolidarity
  • Email and let us know how calls are going!
  • If you can, send a quick get card to Oso, letting him know that you called and that he is in your thoughts and/or prayers. This will lift Oso’s spirits and again remind him, as well as his captors, that he is not alone in his struggles.

Also, don’t forget about these other crucial ongoing campaigns against medical neglect of political prisoners . . .

Meant to post this earlier but an Oso Blanco supporter actually received a letter back from the Pardon Attorney, who’s apparently named Ronald L Rodgers:

We have received your letter of [date] regarding the petition for commutation (reduction) of sentence of Mr. Byron Shane Chubbuck. We have made it part of his clemency file.

We have received Mr. Chubbuck’s petition and his application is under consideration. While we cannot predict when a decision will be reached, he will be notified promptly once final action has been taken on his application.


Ronald L. Rodgers

Pardon Attorney

So this is very good. We are on the right track. Keep those letters coming and you are encouraged to send copies to Through the Walls.

I’ll go back and edit previous posts with the new information.


Now is the time.

From Oso:
“Tell them my clemency papers are There in Wash DC. We must send letters to Obama Fast”

Oso Blanco, 2012

Oso Blanco. NOTE: New Address as of January 2013.

In a previous post I recommended that people send letters to the TTW PO Box and that I would go through and send. I think it’s too late for that now and I haven’t received them. Will check again soon but — scratch that. Please send letters directly to Parole Attorney and Obama and send a copy to me at Through the Walls.

Email me or message me letters (throughwalls [at] rise up [dot] net) or send yourself. If you are outside of u.s.-occupied north america definitely email or message me.

UPDATE: Letters should be sent to two addresses: Office of the Pardon Attorney and Office of the President.

1) Correspondence to the Department of Justice, Office of the Pardon Attorney, may be sent to:

Office of the Pardon Attorney
1425 New York Avenue, N.W.
Suite 11000
Washington, D.C. 20530

             And/or Email the Office of the Pardon Attorney

  • “Please note: An attachment to an e-mail will be considered only if it has been requested by the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Attachments should be in PDF format and not exceed file size limits. Unsolicited e-mail attachments will not be opened.”
  • Also, the Pardon Attorney is Ronald L. Rodgers so address letters to him if you’d like.

2) Obama . . .

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Got it?

See my previous post on this subject for a sample executive clemency letter on behalf of Oso Blanco.

Send electronically to me or send physically and/or electronically to Pardon Attorney AND Obama.

I’m sending mine off tomorrow so get at me soon!

Oso Blanco will appreciate your vigilance!

Send him a note!

New address (according to as of 1/12/13):

P.O. BOX 7000

Byron Shane of the Chubbuck Clan, aka Oso Blanco

While asking for things from Obama and the state is not at the heart of the strategies I believe in, when  a captive freedom fighter chooses to pursue liberation through this avenue and asks for help from supporters, I believe it’s appropriate to follow through.

Below is an open letter. Use it as a reference in writing your own letter and/or learn more about Oso Blanco at . . .

Learn more about “Robin the Hood” at Photo Source:

*NOTE: Address letters to Barack

But send them to Through the Walls so they can be sent together in connection with the petition:

Through the Walls
PO Box 132
Brooklyn, NY 11218




President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Byron Shane Chubbuck, Federal Bureau of Prisons #07909-051, who is petitioning you for Executive Clemency. I am aware that Mr. Chubbuck pled guilty to multiple counts of bank robbery, assault, and other charges. Through research and correspondence with Mr. Chubbuck, I am also aware that, strange as it may sound, even then, Chubbuck was motivated by a desire to financially aid hungry children.

Today, Chubbuck’s need to help others manifests itself closer to home and within the law. He very much, and very truly, wants to be a father to his son and to help his sister and his mother who struggle with health issues. For a person driven by humanitarianism, the Federal Bureau of Prisons can only provide so much corrective and rehabilitative influence. After nearly thirteen years, it is time for his rehabilitation to continue to the next chapter—a return to his family and community so that he can begin to contribute to their and his health and well-being.

I am aware that granting a pardon to Chubbuck would involve risk to your own reputation and political career. However that is often the case in a matter of doing the right thing and I believe that you will make every effort to be just in your decision. Thank you for the action you will take.




Statement to All who wrote the court:

Thank you very much all of you wonderful people. It is sad and heart breaking, I have not seen my 13 year old son since 2001. And in a prison visit at USP FLorence Colorado. Not at home like normal life. I ask how much longer can we as humanity “allow” the system to destroy family, lives and children?

The court Oct 24, gave visiting privileges to my mother. Nothing for my self because I am in prison.

Love + Power
Spirit and Fire


On Oso Blanco’s son, the court granted visiting privileges to the young man’s paternal grandmother– but not to Oso Blanco, because of his imprisonment. Oso Blanco’s statement will be up momentarily in a separate post.

Gender Anarky members Cat and Amazon are no longer refusing food as of October 25th. The prison responded to the hunger strike and phone call blitz etc with transfers. Amazon was recently transferred to Salinas Valley State prison. See for the info.

Strangely, Leah-Lynn Plante was released from jail very early but Matt and KteeO are still in jail as grand jury resisters and still need support. Mathew “Maddy” Pfeiffer is a new name on the list of grand jury resisters. For the latest, stay tuned to

Thousands of walmart workers stand ready to strike on Black Friday. A few are jumping ahead like wildcats, already striking.


I tweeted about the prisoners held in Rikers who were once again not evacuated despite huge risk of flooding during Hurricane Sandy. Solitary Watch quoted NYC DOC as saying that there was no flooding or power outages. Click the image below for details.

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