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Cops are bad, mmkay?

According to Green is the New Red,

“Three homes were raided in Portland, by approximately 60-80 police including FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Individuals at the homes say police used flash grenades during the raid.

Grand jury subpoenas have been served to individuals in all three cities: 2 in Olympia, 1 in Seattle, and 2 in Portland. The grand jury is scheduled to convene on August 2nd at the federal courthouse in Seattle.

No arrests have been made. Electronics were confiscated along with additional personal items.

All legal documents related to the searches and grand jury are sealed, and the FBI will only say it is related to an “ongoing violent crime” investigation. But based on interviews with residents, and what police told them at the scene, this is clearly related to the ongoing demonization of anarchists and the Occupy movement . . .

. . .

“UPDATE: Reports of FBI and police lingering around after the raids, trying to get people to voluntarily talk. Know your rights, never talk to police without an attorney.”

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FBI agents raid homes in Portland, Oregon. You think all these theatrics were appropriate for a raid on suspected occupy people?

Many other people have said this but the Aurora, Denver, shooting at the “Dark Knight Rises” midnight screening, was truly tragic. I’m at a loss for what else to say about it. Crazy that a woman named Jessica survived a shooting in Toronto, seemingly with a renewed vigor for life, only to be killed in another shooting in Colorado. Sad that several couples were separated by killing. So sad that a mom lost her 6-year-old daughter. My heart is warmed reading about the people who protected others, in some cases giving their lives but it’s sad they had to go in a situation like that.

I hesitated to write about it because I don’t want to see tragedies as opportunities to advance my own political beliefs like so many other people are doing. That said, so many people ARE doing that and from my view, there are a lot of sane voices missing from the conversation. It’s hard to say what social problem is too blame for what happened but I’ll tell you one thing: the solution is not stronger, tighter gun control by the state. I hope we really can stop this insane culture of violence– that’s one of my greatest goals and wishes and should be for everyone who gives a shit about humanity–  but the police have demonstrated that they are ruthless killers and until police forces, military forces, and paramilitary forces disarm, it’s crazy to expect civilians to disarm and exacerbate their disadvantage and vulnerability.

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement recently reported that 120 Black People Executed without Trial by Police, Security Guards and Self-Appointed Law Enforcers between January 1 – June 30, 2012. 

Police executions of civillians in Anaheim, California rightly sparked a rebellion. 

I respect the fact that Genevieve Huizar, the mother of Manuel Diaz, has her own feelings about how to respond to the loss of her son and wants the violence to end. She is hurting as much as anyone and her voice matters. I also see that her voice is getting more attention than other voices because the police and other powerful interests want the protests to end, or to at least be defanged. I want the violence to end too. But violence will end through resistance and by bringing an end to the coercion, domination, racism, and other oppression that is the basis for so much of the violence that plagues humanity.

My hopes are pinned on resistance, love, solidarity, and  empowerment as key to ending violence. Supporting prisoners and others who suffer for their beliefs, loving and caring about each other, and standing up against oppressive violence is what I believe in. Let’s end the violence for real but let’s not pacify ourselves into accepting violent oppression in the meantime.

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