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I want to thank you all for calling Florence USP, in Colorado. This unity has motivated Ms McDermott to relent and give me medical attention” -Oso Blanco

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Alixa Garcia  is creating and posting “An image a day for 365 days in support of the liberation of Assata Shakur.”  It’s called “Arise For Assata” and  it’s consistent, creative, and powerful. I think this is the direction that art and struggle need to go. I can’t say enough good things about this project. See this and more at

“DAY 31″ / Arise For Assata/ An image a day for 365 days in support of the liberation of Assata Shakur/ By Alixa Garcia /

June 12 – June 13,  9am- 5pm, Mountain Time . . . .

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Twitter- #OsoSolidarity

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(See a more developed version of this text on the Denver Anarchist Black Cross blog)

On the heels of the June 11th international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other longterm anarchist prisoners . . .

June 12 – June 13,  9am- 5pm, Mountain Time . . . .

Call USP Florence-High in Solidarity with Byron Chubbuck a.k.a Oso Blanco!!!

Help a Captive Indigenous Warrior Survive!   Fight Medical Neglect in u.s. Prisons!

Byron Chubbuck a.k.a. Oso Blanco with Leonard Peltier and Tom Manning


People to ask for and speak with if they are available . . .

  • Mr. Charles Daniels, Warden
  • Ms. McDermott, Hospital Administrator
  • Mr. Leggit, Counselor
  • Miss Hopkins
  • “The Lieutenant”

NOTE:  Any of these people may put you on hold indefinitely, hang up on you, talk over you, etc. If nothing else, let someone, even if it’s just the operator, know the reason you are calling.

Sample call talking points . . .

  •  Hello, may I speak to _________? This call is in reference to inmate Byron Chubbuck #07909-051. Byron has a painful, potentially cancerous mass in his liver. He needs an ultrasound to determine the problem, and has been asking for this since he came to Florence in January.
  • He placed a sick call in April.
  • He has high ammonia build up in his liver and experiences daily vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, and irregular breathing.
  • Byron already has a medical record in the BOP concerning liver problems and has never asked for family/friends to help with a medical condition before.
  • I know that HIPAA prevents you from sharing his personal health information (PHI) wtih me– I just want to make sure this is brought to your attention and that you take all actions necessary to ensure Mr. Chubbuck proper medical treatment.
  • I know you have a protocol to follow. Why wasn’t he given a liver biopsy when he placed a sick call in April? How do you evaluate an internal medical condition?
  • Thank you for doing the right thing and getting my friend the medical attention he needs.

Coordinating the effort

  • Post a brief report of how your call went to social media  with this announcement or a link to it! Lead by example! #OsoSolidarity
  • Email and let us know how calls are going!
  • If you can, send a quick get card to Oso, letting him know that you called and that he is in your thoughts and/or prayers. This will lift Oso’s spirits and again remind him, as well as his captors, that he is not alone in his struggles.

Also, don’t forget about these other crucial ongoing campaigns against medical neglect of political prisoners . . .

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Tell them to grant Lynne Stewart FMS CARSWELL-53504-054
compassionate release so she can pursue cancer treatment at Sloan Kettering.


Attorney General  Eric Holder –  1 202 514 2001

White House President Obama – 1 202 456 1414

B.O.P. – Director  Charles Samuels – 1 202.307.3250


“Forty years ago to the day, Assata Shakur (birth name JoAnne Deborah Chesimard) was involved in a shootout at the New Jersey Turnpike, which left a state trooper dead. Shakur, then a Black Liberation Army and Black Panther Party member, was convicted of his murder in 1973. In 1979, with the help of allies in the black radical movement, Shakur escaped from prison, eventually emerging in Cuba, where she has lived since 1984.Asof Thursday – the reward on her capture and return doubled to $2 million — the 66-year-old fugitive was named the first woman on the FBI’s most wanted list.” (Read the rest at






Source: Alien Summer

Read her book if you haven’t  . . .

Assata: An Autobiography [Paperback] Assata Shakur (Author), Angela Davis (Foreword)

If we look at what’s been said we seem to be making promising progress with several campaigns but it is change that is needed and vigilance is key.

On the eve of the #30Days2FreeMaroon campaign for Russell Maroon Shoatz, Maroon was transferred to SCI Mahanoy, presumably to facilitate a transfer out of the horrible thirty years of solitary confinement and into general population. Prisons often isolate prisoners upon arrival so it’s possible that they are getting around to it. However, the other thing that prisons often do when people protest on a prisoner’s behalf is transfer them, forget the demands, and make it some other warden’s  problem. Hold the captors to their word! Have you been calling? Have you written your letter yet?

Obama seemed to have conveniently forgotten all about his campaign promises to close the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention center but the ongoing hunger strike jogged his memory and he has renewed his talk. That said he is waffling in political quagmires but time is ticking as many of his indefinite prisoners are still refusing food. Sign the petition!

President Obama: Close Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay

Similarly, “Lynne Stewart said in a statement released by her husband this week that Texas prison medical authorities recommended she be released from her 10-year sentence, an application that would need approval by the courts and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.” Good, promising words from the warden but Lynne has stage four cancer and desperately needs to be released as soon as possible.‘s recording of 2-minute audio statement by Ralph Poynter on Lynne’s new situation as of April 26:

30 Days to Free Russell Maroon Shoatz from solitary confinement

Former Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz (AF-3855) has been held in torturous conditions of solitary confinement in Pennsylvania prisons for the past thirty years. He has not had a serious rule violation for more than two decades. Maroon’s role as an educator, human rights defender, writer, and critical intellectual of liberation movements is widely renowned.

Russell Maroon Shoatz. SOURCE: youtube

April 8—May 9: Flood the office of PA Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary John Wetzel with phone calls, letters, and faxes.

PA DOC Secretary John Wetzel 1920 Technology Parkway Mechanicsburg, PA, 17050

Phone number: 717-728-4109  Fax number: 717-728-4109



Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings of Russell Maroon Shoatz

For more information visit:

Facebook Event











My letter to Wetzel:

Secretary Wetzel

1920 Technology Parkway

Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Dear Mr. Wetzel:

I am writing out of concern for Mr. Russell Shoatz, inmate #AF-3855 recently transferred to SCI Mahanoy. I’ve been reading about the controversial nature of solitary confinement in the news and it came to my attention that this older man has been in solitary confinement here in the United States for thirty years!

My reaction is that surely this is a violation of Mr. Shoatz’ human rights that must be remedied immediately. I would certainly hope that this has not persisted because of his political affiliations, as that would make this even worse. I do understand that he has an escape in his past— but surely that can’t justify sensory deprivation into his old age.

I will be hoping every day for news that Russell Shoatz has been transferred into general population. Thank you for the action you will take. Please be in touch as time permits.


UPDATE: This saga continues to unfold, with more chapters than this blog can handle. To keep up with this and other news, follow @support_daniel and/or me (@throughwallsny) on twitter.


Update from NYC ABC

Update from Huffington Post


Daniel McGowan used to be a political prisoner who did most of his bid in communications management units because of his political speech.  He was in halfway house, halfway in prison, halfway in outside life and putting his halfway outside life together and enjoying halfway freedom.  Just after publishing an article on Huffington Post (Court Documents Prove I Was Sent to Communications Management Units (CMU) for my Political Speech), when we thought we were almost done with this ordeal, Daniel was yanked back into federal prison today, April 4, 2013— which only proves his fucking point.

BREAKING: Daniel McGowan Back in Prison (NYC ABC)

Under the united states, whether you are all the way in prison, halfway in prison, supervised by prisoncrats, or even like me and privileged enough to be in minimum custody out here in the world, you are under a system that warehouses people for social control and for political repression and it seeks to maintain its power. Until this system is overturned, it will always devise special units and inane rules to fuck with the lives of those who dare to speak out. Do not let them struggle alone.

“Daniel McGowan Back in Jail Days After Writing About His Secretive Prison Unit for Huffington Post” by Will Potter on April 4, 2013 (Green is the New Red)

Write Daniel. Support political prisoners.

“It’s hard enough to transition from life in prison to a “normal” life back home in New York. It’s especially traumatic to then be ripped from that, and put back behind bars. Please consider writing him a letter:” (Will Potter)


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