While asking for things from Obama and the state is not at the heart of the strategies I believe in, when  a captive freedom fighter chooses to pursue liberation through this avenue and asks for help from supporters, I believe it’s appropriate to follow through.

Below is an open letter. Use it as a reference in writing your own letter and/or learn more about Oso Blanco at osoblanco.org . . .

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President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing on behalf of Mr. Byron Shane Chubbuck, Federal Bureau of Prisons #07909-051, who is petitioning you for Executive Clemency. I am aware that Mr. Chubbuck pled guilty to multiple counts of bank robbery, assault, and other charges. Through research and correspondence with Mr. Chubbuck, I am also aware that, strange as it may sound, even then, Chubbuck was motivated by a desire to financially aid hungry children.

Today, Chubbuck’s need to help others manifests itself closer to home and within the law. He very much, and very truly, wants to be a father to his son and to help his sister and his mother who struggle with health issues. For a person driven by humanitarianism, the Federal Bureau of Prisons can only provide so much corrective and rehabilitative influence. After nearly thirteen years, it is time for his rehabilitation to continue to the next chapter—a return to his family and community so that he can begin to contribute to their and his health and well-being.

I am aware that granting a pardon to Chubbuck would involve risk to your own reputation and political career. However that is often the case in a matter of doing the right thing and I believe that you will make every effort to be just in your decision. Thank you for the action you will take.



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