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Read about the courageous women who are refusing food to protest their discriminatory solitary confinement as trans women in a male prison. Their situation is as dire and urgent as ever so follow though and pick up the phone and call the prison. Click here for the info from Gender Anarky.

Serious #classwar news to keep an eye on.

Read this for the info:

Walmart’s Black Friday ultimatum


I hope they continue to win organization and unionization, whether  though the narrow u.s. federally recognized channels or through old-school solidarity unionism. This effort can potentially affect a lot of workers at walmart who sorely need the health, safety, working conditions, end to nasty retaliation, and dignity and respect.

It will mean much more if the opportunity is seized to do this strike right–  if others find and bring inspiration,  solidarity strikes, street action, and disruptions along the supply chain. A lot of this is already happening. This is an opportunity for workers and people generally to demonstrate power in unity and build confidence and power against the hoarding of the world by a tiny handful of capitalists. Black Friday is stolen wealth that must be taken back.

source: follow link

I’m still reaching out to find out how to plug in, agitate, and help the war effort. Let me know if you know something I don’t!

Making Change at Walmart- Find a way to connect locally here-

You saw it, you liked it, you shared it, you tweeted it, you reblogged it,

But have you actually written and sent off your character reference letter for political prisoner Oso Blanco yet???

It’s time. I just wrote mine.

Families staying together through political imprisonment is no joke.

Let’s do this.

Click here for the info

Happy coming out day!

If you are queer and out it’a beautiful thing!

“monster queers” from

And if you are like me and a complicated unraveling process without beginning or end, fabulously and bravely out to some and not others, about some things to some and not others to others, that’s beautiful too! It’s your life and your body and your journey and nobody can tell you how to do it. The trick is to be brave when the spirits who know you call you to be brave but to take your time and pick your battles when you know it’s what you must do. You are beautiful and so are your choices. just reminded me of the brave and badass Undocu-queer tendency.

And as Mia McKenzie just pointed out on Black Girl Dangerous, coming out day is not just for queerness anymore!   Come out as yourself against the powers that be.

And it doesn’t start or stop with today either. And I’m not just saying that because it’s 11pm.

It’s coming out day! Thanks, Reina, for showing me this image.

In nyc, stop and frisk and solitary confinement are hot issues right now! Wheels are turning. (I’d provide links but things are changing all the time. Google those keywords!)

This is very encouraging but as Marc Lamont Hill said not so long ago at an End Mass Incarceration/ Free Mumia & All Our Political Prisoners/ Close Down Attica/ No Solitar Confinement event at Riverside Church, we have to “connect the dots.” And as he and others  said, we have to be visionaries, beyond these little policies in these little institutions.

As Fire Next Time/ East Coast Renegades pointed out, ending stop and frisk is not enough! They need to stop stopping, stop frisking, stop policing and stop existing.

If you haven’t already, check out this letter,

Feeling for the Edge of your Imagination: finding ways not to call the police

and similarly, solitary confinement must end but so must imprisonment. Cages are not the only way for humans to relate to one another.

While the whole system needs to come down, and all imprisonment is political, I pay special attention to those who go into prison specifically as a consequence of their resistance. If they are allowed to languish without support, the state gains ground against us by demonstrating an utterly terrible consequence to struggle. Supporting political prisoners and prisoners of war is a way to give life-sustaining blood to our fledgling movements.

With that in mind, check out this video statement from grand jury resister Leah-Lynn Plante . . .

“When they try to mercilessly gut communities, we do not scatter, we grow stronger, we thrive. I view this State repression like this: The State thinks it is a black hole that can destroy whatever it wants. In reality, it is much more like a stellar nursery, wherein it unintentionally creates new, strong anarchist stars”

PS- I’m sorry I’m having trouble linking and formatting images tonight. Some of word press’s functionality is freezing up on me. I would wait but I need this post to be timely so it’s COMING OUT! Flaws and all.

Yes, I should have blogged this on Monday but I didn’t.

The day has passed but the relevance of the message has not . . .

“Greetings my relatives and friends, supporters!

I know I say this same line all the time but in reality you all are my relatives and I appreciate you. I cannot say that enough. Some of our people, as well as ourselves have decided to call today Indigenous Day instead of Columbus Day and it makes me really think about how many People who still celebrate Columbus, a cruel, mass murderer who on his last trip to the Americas, as I have read, was arrested by his own people for being too cruel. When you consider those kinds of cruelty against our People and his status, it makes you wonder to what level he had taken his cruelty. In all of this historical knowledge that is available people still want to celebrate and hold in high esteem this murderer.

If we were to celebrate Hitler Day, or Mussolini Day, or some other murderer and initiator of violence and genocide, there would be widespread condemnation. It would be like celebrating Bush Day in Iraq. It’s kind of sad to say that even mentioning Columbus in my comments gives him more recognition that he should have. So I agree wholeheartedly with all of you out there that have chosen to call this Indigenous Day. If I weren’t Native American or as some of have come to say – Indigenous, I would still love our ways and cling to our ways and cherish our ways. I see our ways as the way to the future, for the world. Where as I and others have said over and over, and our People before us, this earth is our Mother. This earth is life. And anything you take from the earth creates a debt that is to be paid back at some time in the future by someone . . . ” (Leonard Peltier)

Read the rest of his message at WhoIsLeonardPeltier.Info

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