High Park Condo offers quality housing solution at affordable pricing

Condominiums are being constructed in the island nation of Singapore more often than before. Condos along with government’s Housing Board Department provides bulk of the country’s housing demand. With new industries emerging throughout the country, offering business and job opportunities, condominiums offering affordable housing for those seeking their dream homes becomes the first choice of many. The old monotonous design of rectangular concrete apartments are being replaced by more modern and environment friendly condominiums like High Park condo.

high park condo offers quality housing solution at affordable pricing


The project site is located in a developed area with a lot of parks. The river flowing through the district has walkways, being just a few minutes walk from the apartments many residents will savor these places.


Maintaining the fragile ecological balance is what the developers Chip Eng Seng, Heeton and Kim Seng Heng must have had in mind while sketching the structures. 3/4th of the land is dedicated to conserving greenery. The buildings themselves have rooftop and balcony gardens, creating an oxymoron blend of concrete and plants. The tower buildings have wide balconies and broad windows that will allow more daylight to enter the building, reducing the building’s power consumption.

Interior and Floor Planning

Well crafted and well equipped furniture and kitchen appliances complements High Park Residence’s high end sophistication. Most of the apartments are 1 and 2 bedrooms. 3 and 4 bedroom apartments are also available though they are fewer in number. There are few studios and bungalows on sale too.

Rooms are spacious, with a lot of void to move around freely. They are connected eloquently to each other with efficient ventilation and natural lighting playing its role in the clever design.


The condominium is well guarded with sophisticated technology and trained security guards. CCTV cameras will be used to monitor all parts of High Park condo 24×365.

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