Play On To Win Battles and Get Leveled Up

If you love utilizing your time with your iPhone, play Dragon Bane IOS. It is an immersive MMORPG game, which is available free at iPhone App store. While playing the game you would come across nine classes of characters, dozens of companions and multiplayer actions where you can give strategic moves. Those who love classic MMO games, this game is one of the best for them. Mold yourself into any role playing from any place you want with your mobile app.

play on to win battles and get leveled up


There are different features that you would go through while playing Dragon Bane. First, while starting the game you need to choose any one character among the nine different and unique characters. Among the other MMORPG the graphics of this game is stunning and so is the music and other sound effects. After you have chosen your character, you would be starting your adventure in the fantasy realm of Dragon Bane. The story would began from the starting and you have to be in actions right from the beginning.


For playing this game you would be exploring the Dragon Bane world and try to remove all evil spirits for bringing back peace in the land. With facing the hundreds of instances and winning over the battles that comes across you would be leveling yourself up. Your character would become more skillful with time and you can purchase new weapons.
On your way you would be making more and more friends and killing off millions of enemies. If you are playing it in the multiplayer mode then you would be playing of other players from all over the world. They would simply give you challenges and after winning them you can have control over the realm.

The more progress you would make you would be able to have more and more skills and thus love this game more.